Maggie Smith

Senior Director, Strategy & Implementation

Maggie joined the Goodfaith staff in 2017, after completing her Master’s in Theology and Pastoral Ministry at Villanova University. She credits her experiences on JusticeworX and LeaderworX as the inspiration for the initial call she felt toward ministry work. Maggie completed her undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, New Brunswick before completing her master’s at Villanova. 

Maggie’s many roles at Goodfaith opened her eyes and heart to the call to work for justice and peace in her local communities and beyond:  “Jesus calls us to see our neighbors, to connect with them, and to show them love through our actions. My experiences with LeaderworX and JusticeworX in Philly, Trenton, and West Virginia gave me the opportunity to learn about and practice these things. I learned how to listen, to reach out, and to recognize the dignity of all of our sisters and brothers, especially the poor and marginalized.” Goodfaith’s programs taught her not only how to work for change on a large scale, but also the small things she can do each day to show love, fight for justice, and spread the gospel message.

In her role, Maggie works implementing the vision and broadening the reach of Goodfaith as well as representing Goodfaith on a larger scale.

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