Family Matters

Empowering Catholic Parents to Live out the Mission

About Family Matters

Family Matters (FM) is a new initiative of Goodfaith in partnership with RENEW International. It is a process for nurturing protagonism among parents and caregivers as they enrich their own faith lives in order to more vibrantly pass on Catholic social tradition to their children.

Family Matters is based on a new model for ministry called the “Pathways to Discipleship,” which has been designed, implemented, and researched by Goodfaith over the last five years in collaboration with pastoral leaders and parishioners.

The driving force behind the Pathways is the “why” of faith: “a recognition of why I was made, why I am here on earth, and what the Lord’s plan is for my life” (Christus Vivit, 2019).

Goodfaith is partnering with parishes and dioceses to pilot this initiative that will unfold through:

With you on the Journey!

Accompaniment is one of the key themes of this experience for a reason!

The expert leadership of Goodfaith and RENEW International are thrilled to walk with you and your parish families every step of the way through:

Family Matters is rooted in these 4 components:

Empowering Parents

Protagonism is the recognition of one’s agency, given by God, to be the central character in one's own narrative and to be an agent of faith and social change in the world. Family Matters parents will gain a deeper understanding of their own agency and acquire the knowledge, language, and skill set to empower their children in much the same way.

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Focusing on Mission

As Catholics, we are called to Christ’s mission to promote life and dignity in all facets of our lives. Service is not something we ‘do’ - it’s how we live. It’s the framework by which we engage with the world. Family Matters will seek to help parents integrate the ethos of Catholic social tradition and mission into the “breathed air” of daily domestic life.

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Accompaniment is so much more than a buzz word! In fact, research shows that mentoring relationships make a tangible, longitudinal difference in the faith practice of both youth AND adults. Family Matters will incorporate a structured mentorship component to engage parishioners of all ages and life experiences.

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Bridging the Sacramental Gaps

Across the United States, there is a staggering 52% attrition rate between Baptismal and Confirmation registrations. Family Matters will pay particular attention to working with families to navigate the critical gap years between the sacraments of initiation.

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Launching on February 26, 2024


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